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New Game - Fringo

Fringo is a casual multiplayer game, with a mix of puzzle, slots and bingo elements. It's is simple, fast and exciting. Everyone can play Fringo - you can play with your partner, your Grandma, your co-workers or your hot neighbor. Gameplay Preview How To Play Fringo

New Game - Solitaire

Hey everyone! The new card game - Lily Pond Solitaire - is almost ready for playing! The gameplay is simple. Read below or watch the little video that we have uploaded!

Summer 2013 Set - Solid Gold

Another limited time, Summer 2013, clothing set is making its way to Vegas World store! It's named Solid Gold Set and we have the preview for you all below!

VIP Charm: September 2013

Next month's VIP Charm is Fat Unicorn ! Maybe this Charm should switch to eating low-fat rainbows, ha-ha!

Did You Know: ourWorld Game Card

Did you know that you can redeem ourWorld Game Card on Vegas World too? And that it grants you 1 month of VIP membership, 300 Gems and the rare Paradise Kitty Charm ? And guess what? You don't need a credit card to buy it! Just stop by any of these stores - Kroger, Safeway, Toys R Us, Food 4 Less, Ralphs, Vons, Fred Meyer, Dillions, Fry's, Smith's, King Soopers and Dominick's - and purchase it with cash! It's only $10 After you've purchased it, Go to and choose Vegas World Carefully scratch off the PIN Number area on your Game Card Enter your PIN and account info on the page and click Sign In And you're done!

Coming Soon - 10 New Clothing Sets

A bunch of NEW Clothing Sets will be coming out next update! And we have the preview for you all right here, right now! Continue reading to check them out. Mrs. Money Bags Set Mr. Money Bags Set Show Stopper Set Western Boulevard Set Let It Ride Set Vegas Vacation Set All In Set (Female) All In Set (Male) Superhero Set (Female) Superhero Set (Male)

Coming Soon - New Player Titles

Below are a bunch of new titles to be added to the game soon! Back-to-Back - Visit Vegas World 2 days in a row 4nicator  - Visit Vegas World 4 days in a row 7 Deadly Wins  - Visit Vegas World 7 days in a row Fortnight Frenzy  - Visit Vegas World 14 days in a row Dirty Thirty  - Visit Vegas World 30 days in a row Centurion  - Visit Vegas World 100 days in a row 200 Proof  - Visit Vegas World 200 days in a row Backscratcher - Send out 10 Scratch Cards Whipperscratcher  - Send out 100 Scratch Cards Cat Scratch Fever  - Send out 1,000 Scratch Cards Scratch 'n Sniff  - Send out 20,000 Scratch Cards Scratch My Back  - Receive 2 Scratch Cards Scratchaholic  - Receive 20 Scratch Cards Give It To Me Baby  - Receive 200 Scratch Cards Seven Year Itch  - Receive 4,000 Scratch Cards This One's On Me  - Give 5 Food or Drink Charms Foodlanthropist  - Give 50 Food or Drink Charms Don't Feed the Trolls  - Give 500 Food or Drink Charms Host with the Most  - Give 10,000 Food or Drink Charms

Coming Soon - Daily Return Bonus

A new way to earn coins will be added to Vegas World soon - Daily Return Bonus. The process is simple. Login in and receive coins. Each day the bonus will increase. If you miss a day, you have to start over! Check out the preview! Please be noted that the values of each day's bonus in preview above will not be the same upon release.