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What's new in Vegas World? - August 2014

Sorry for the lack of posts everyone! August was a crazy month for us, but we're back now! So lets see what we've missed... New Solitaire Game , 2 New Slot Machines and  A New Set of Limited Charms!? Sundaes Classic Solitaire A delicious NEW version of classic Solitaire! New Charms Set Geek Bear Maybe you should go play outside," said Mama Bear.  "The light, it burrnnss us!" replied Geek Bear. Libearian "This is my first personal ad, so bear with me!  My name's Suzy, I work in a libeary.  My favorite book genres are Sci-Fi, History, and Salmon. . ." Cool Sun "I'm partying it up while I'm still young!  In 5 billion years, I'm gonna get old and start bloating up!" Sandcastle What do you call a water-proof sandcastle? . . . (comedic pause) . . . A castle. Horns & Halos Slot Machine Feeling heavenly, or just plain horny? See if you get lucky with this new machine. Horns & Halos Titles & Achievements Goody-goody  - P

VIP Charm: September 2014

Next month's VIP Charm is the  Sea Cow ! "I resent this name.  You should call cows 'land manatees' instead."