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New Summer 2015 Clothing - Monday Coffee, Catalonia and 80's Cool

Enjoy last bit of Summer in these all-new Sets! Available in store on August 31, 2015 . Monday Coffee Set | Male | 300,000 Coins Catalonia Set | Female | 300,000 Coins 80's Cool Set | 500,000 Coins | VIP ONLY

Gone Fishing Slots

Go fishing and reel in big winnings in the new Gone Fishing Slots ! Early VIP access on August 31, 2015 . Wide release late September. Player Titles & Achievements Lunker Play 10 spins of Gone Fishing Angler Play 1,000 spins of Gone Fishing Ichthyologist Play 10,000 spins of Gone Fishing Master Baiter Play 100,000 spins of Gone Fishing Fish Out of Water Bet 500,000+ Coins in a single session of Gone Fishing Chicken of the Sea Bet 6,000,000+ Coins in a single session of Gone Fishing Off the Hook Bet 125,000,000+ Coins in a single session of Gone Fishing Something's Fishy Play 100 spins of Gone Fishing in a row Patience is a Virtue Play 500 spins of Gone Fishing in a row The Reel McCoy Play 2,500 spins of Gone Fishing in a row Down the Pike Get a Pike x5 payout in Gone Fishing Bottom Feeder Get a Catfish x5 payout in Gone Fishing Omega-3 Get a S

New Bingo Powerups!

Discover exciting new power-ups in Royal Realms Bingo ! Coming out on August 31, 2015 . The power-ups banner on the right has changed. Each section has one new power-up.

September 2015 VIP Charm

Next month's VIP Charm is Snake Eyes ! Snake eyes - with a real snake!

New Place - Photo Booth!

Capture moments with your friends on amazing backgrounds at the new Photo Booth ! Available at the VIP Lounge very soon. Accessible by VIPs only at the VIP Lounge! Get in the Booth - Choose background and distance - Take Photo! Save it to your Album and Share with your friends trough Email or Facebook.