Did You Know: ourWorld Game Card

Did you know that you can redeem ourWorld Game Card on Vegas World too?
And that it grants you 1 month of VIP membership, 300 Gems and the rare Paradise Kitty Charm?

And guess what? You don't need a credit card to buy it!
Just stop by any of these stores - Kroger, Safeway, Toys R Us, Food 4 Less, Ralphs, Vons, Fred Meyer, Dillions, Fry's, Smith's, King Soopers and Dominick's - and purchase it with cash! It's only $10

After you've purchased it,
Go to http://owcard.com and choose Vegas World
Carefully scratch off the PIN Number area on your Game Card
Enter your PIN and account info on the page and click Sign In
And you're done!

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