Fringo Visual Changes

Everyone's new favourite game - Fringo - has received a couple of visual changes!
Continue reading to find out more.

Lets start with the Lobby. We have slight logo changes, new font for island names and a new coin icon.

Next up are Power-Up Box changes.

Pre-Game screen has been changed as well.

Speaking of Pre-Game, players now have the option to choose their Fringo card! See below.

Now for the game itself, we have a bigger, more eye-catching counter on the top left. And of course a new background and other small changes.

Last, but not actually last, we have the After-Game screen. Similar changes to match rest of the new look.

So these are the main changes that you should expect once you log on and play.
There are a few smaller changes too, like an updated Tutorial, but we'll not preview those.

P.S. We've heard that more Fringo changes are on their way. And they're pretty awesome. So stick with us as we will uncover them soon!

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