Fringo Update - Profile, Achievements, Facebook App

As we mentioned before, Fringo will be receiving a couple of more changes, including a new Fringo Profile that will track player's statistics and lots of new Achievements to keep players busy.
And as it appears, all of these changes and features have been added to help enchant the new and upcoming Fringo Facebook App, homepage of which we will also preview below.

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The profile will be available for access in Lobby. 

This is the Player Info tab

This is the Achievements tab, featured above are General Achievements. 

Each Island will have different achievements.
Once you've completed all achievements for a specific island, you'll receive Coins and Power-Ups as a reward!

This is the start page of the app.
If you're already a member of Vegas World, click "Returning Member?"

This is the log-in page of Fringo App.

There are other changes that unfortunately we won't be previewing in this post. Including a new "Achievement Unlocked" pop-up during the game and bolts attached to fruit on  the conveyor belt.

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