Fringo Update - What's New, Thanksgiving Cruise, Power-Up Prices

Pack up! It about time we went on a cruise. A Thanksgiving Cruise.
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( WarningAll of the content below is tentative and indefinite. What you see may not reflect what may eventually be released to the LIVE server. )

What's New in Fringo?
To starts things off, Fringo will soon have its own What's New in Fringo? board to keep players updated on new features and special events.

Thanksgiving Cruise
On that same board, Fringo's first special event will also be featured. It's called Thanksgiving Cruise.

To access it, all you have to do is click the Thanksgiving Cruise card in Fringo Lobby, which will bring up this window. Currently the bet is set at 25,000 coins and the event allows these power-ups - Single Dub, Fruit Family and Extra Fruits. It is entirely possible however, that these things change before the release.
And don't mind the "9 Days Left" stamp, it will count down to 1st of December when released.

Thanksgiving Cruise Achievements
In Thanksgiving Cruise and only until 1st of December, players will be able to earn achievements.
There'll be 12 achievements. If you earn them all, you'll receive 400,000 coins and 15 Power-Ups.

Power-Up Prices
Last but not least, pricing of Power-Ups will undergo some changes too. See below.

That's about it for now.
I know this is getting repetitive, but I'd like to point out one last time that all of these updates are made to enchant the upcoming Fringo facebook app and ensure that it can attract new players to Fringo and eventually Vegas World on its own.

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