NEW Chilly Critter Charm Set + 2012 Winter Charm Set IS BACK!

New charm set, called 2013 Chilly Critter Charm Set, is coming out soon, featuring four winter-y critters. But that's not all for charms this month. Like the autumn set, last year's 2012 Winter Charm Set is also coming back! And considering the amount of new players this year, I think it's great news! Because not many had the chance to buy it during its original release. But what do you think? Are you happy that the old charm sets are coming back or are you upset because it means that they're less valuable and/or less to brag about? Leave your thoughts in the comments section and of course, enjoy the preview!
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2013 Chilly Critter Charm Set

Seal Pup

Fuzzplump the baby seal is an internet celebrity! Her video, "Fuzzplump attacks snowman, loses" has over 22 million views!

Black-collar Penguin

Day in, day out, he works hard to put fish on the table. He is the 99 percent. (Bald Eagles wouldn't understand.)

High Roller Bear

Holla! He's a straight up balla. 25" rims on his Impala. Penguins keep clear, cuz he's a brawla. Got more ice than a diamond trawla.

X-treme Reindeer
That X-treme trick you just saw was a Backside 900 Flying Sled to Misty 360 Deer-in-Headlights to Late Sinful Santa.

2012 Winter Charm Set

This abominable snowman comes down from the mountains each year to party in Vegas. Rumor has it, he turned his room into an ice palace.

No (famous) reindeer were harmed in the production of this Charm.

Chilly Pete
Chilly Pete's down to hang out. Feel free to chill your drink on his bulky, frigid body.

Snow Bunny
She's going to need a cozy place to snuggle up after a big day on the slopes. Don't worry, your suite is big enough.

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