Fringo News - Pearl Island, New Power-up and Achievements

Explore the the new, super-luxe and exotic Pearl Island and have the first look at U.F.O, Fringo's newest power-up!

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Pear Island
FP Required to Unlock: 45, 000
Bet: 25,000 Coins
Power-ups Allowed: U.F.O, Double Payout, Pick Up Points, Fruit Family and Single Daub.

There are 12 achievements in Pear Island.
And the reward for earning them all is 400,00 Coins and 15 Power-ups!

Pearl Island Vacation
Unlock Pearl Island
Welcome home
Play 10 Rounds in Pearl Island
Pearl diver 
Get 1st place 10 times in Pearl Island
Sweet treat
Get 5 fringos daubing dates
You are not alone
Use U.F.O power-up in Pearl Island
Daub first a fruit placed in central position in card
Oyster cracker
First Fringo in a round
Easy rider
Use 3 different power-ups in a round
Beam me up!
Obtain 5 Fringos using U.F.O power-up
Speed demon
Daub 4 fruits in less than 3 seconds
Close encounter
Daub just one fruit using U.F.O power-up
End last place in a round

New Power-up - U.F.O.
Along with the island, a new power-up will also be added. It's called U.F.O. and it daubs 2 random fruits when activated. To unlock it, you must unlock Pearl Island first. After that you can also take it with you on other islands, such as, Pai-Pai, Yolima, Maharajah and Jackpot Island.

Watch the video below for a quick demonstration!

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