Fringo News - St. Patrick's Day Cruise

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day cruising with Fringo. Put on your leprechaun hat, hoist a green beverage and hunt with your friends for special St. Patrick's Day achievements from February 24 to March 17!

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St. Patrick's Day Cruise

Bet: 25,000
Date: February 24 - March 17, 2014
Power-ups Allowed: Fireworks, Double payout, Pick up points, Fruit Family and Single Daub

St. Patrick's Day Cruise has 12 achievements.
Reward for completing them all is 400,000 Coins and 15 Power-ups

Play 5 rounds in St. Patrick's day Cruise

Lucky you
Get 1st place 5 times in St. Patrick's day Cruise
Luck o' the lime
Get 5 fringos daubing a Lime

Sky's the limit!
Obtain a Fringo using Fireworks power-up
Pot o' gold
Use Double payouts power-up in a round twice
Obtain a triple Fringo using a Single daub power-up
Get paylines 6 and 15 first

Go for the green!
Daub a lime, a pear & a watermelon consecutively
Miss daubing 5 fruits present in board in one round
Rocket science
Get to 1st place using Fireworks power-up

Use Pick up points power-up

Fool's gold
Lose first position and end round below third position

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