Coming Soon - Alternate Chat Style & Full Screen Mode

Good day everyone! I have some pretty sweet news to report regarding the chat, full screen mode and slots menu!

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First off, Alternate Chat Style! It's a new option in User Settings, which, if you enable it, will change the style of your chat! Here are some pictures!

Second thing is Full Screen Mode! And it's pretty much self-explanatory. You click a button and the game goes full screen!
Few things you should know about Full Screen Mode:
  • Doesn't work in some areas of the game, like when watching partner videos.
  • In multi-monitor setup, some browsers exit full screen when you click in another monitor.
  • Moving cursor to very top brings up "... is now full screen" message. And no, there's no way to fix that.
  • In Full-Screen Mode, ads don't show and room transitions are much faster.

Last but not least, Slots now have a more sleek wrap design! With each slot machine having a different background colour. Plus, Slots, Video Poker and Blackjack menus have a  new background as well!

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