Fringo News - Piccola Island and Magnet Power-up

Your newest challenge in Fringo is almost here! Eat pasta, sip wine and take a romantic gondola ride as you discover the amazing and historic architecture of Piccola Island! And don't forget to try out the new Magnet power-up, as well as complete all the achievements for extra-special rewards!!

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Piccola Island
FP Required to Unlock: 77,000
Bet: 100,000 Coins
Power-ups Allowed: Magnet, Pick up points, U.F.O., Triple Reward, Fruit Family and Single Daub

Piccola Island Achievements

Number of Achievements: 12
Reward: 1,5 million Coins and 15 Power-ups

Benvenuti a Piccola!
Unlock Piccola Island
Piccola Island local
Play 10 rounds in Piccola Island
View from the Campanile
Get 1st place 10 times in Piccola Island
Hey, that was mine!
Being robbed 2 times in a round
Magnetic fields
Use Magnet power-up 5 times in Piccola Island
X marks the spot
Daub an 'X' in the card

Triple up!
Obtain a Triple Fringo using a Triple Reward power-up
You are so attractive
Get 1st place using Magnet power-up
Sail the city
Get paylines 7 and 13 first

You gotta regatta!
Daub two full columns first
Drop 10 places in the leaderboard
At the Piazza
Get a Mega Fringo in Piccola Island

Magnet Power-up

Like always, new islands come with new power-ups. And this time, the new power-up is Magnet!
With Magnet, you leap over the player ahead in the ranking, whether you are 50 or 500 points away! So plan your strategy and use it wisely!
Besides Piccola, you can use Magnet power-up on Yolima, Maharajah and Jackpot Islands too!

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