Fringo News - Cocktails & Mother's Day Cruise

It's officially Spring. And Fringo has a refreshing new feature for you to try out - Cocktails! Use different fruits from all the Fringo islands and make a glass for yourself and your friends. Plus, Mother's Day is coming up! Team up with your mom to become the ultimate fruit daubing experts in the new, Mother's Day Cruise!
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New Feature - Cocktails

Make delicious cocktails using different fruits from all the islands in Fringo, then...
  • Send them to your friends!
  • Amaze your friends with your mixology skills; complete a cocktail, send it to a friend and earn free power-ups for both of you!
To make a cocktail and see what fruits you've already collected, check out the Cocktails tab in your Profile!

Although Cocktails are exclusive to Facebook users, you shouldn't worry!
You don't have to sign-up again and start over, just go to the Fringo App and sign in with your existing Vegas World account!

Mother's Day Cruise

Team up with your mom to become the ultimate fruit daubing experts! Earn all the exclusive achievements on the Mother’s Day Cruise! Who knows...maybe she is already playing Fringo too!

Bet: 25,000 Coins
Date: April 28 - May 11
Power-ups Allowed: Pick-up Points, Extra Fruits, Fireworks, Fruit Family and Single Daub

Mother's Day Cruise Achievements

Reward: 400,000 Coins and 15 Power-ups

It's mother's day!
Play 5 rounds in Mother's Day Cruise

You are my number 1
Get 1st place 5 times in Mother's Day Cruise
Mom's favorite
Obtain 10 Fringos in a round 5 times

Oh dear...
Being robbed 1 time
For you, mom!
Get 5 fringos daubing a strawberry
Mother love
Daub all fruits in a card
Naughty boy!
Obtain one Fringo using a Fireworks power-up
Gimme  five!
Daub five consecutive fruits

M is for Mom
Daub an 'M' in the card

Fruit salad!
Daub a pear, an apple and a banana consecutively
Special delivery
Get 3 fruits with a Fruit family power-up
No need to hurry...
End last place in a round

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