Solitaire - Story Mode and Power-ups!

Vegas World's Lily Pond Solitaire has two new and exciting features scheduled for release - Power-ups and Story Mode!
Here's a look at both of them!

Story Mode

Story Mode is a feature that lets players unlock different power-ups by completing different levels, while also guiding Tibbir, The Tree Frog to his friends!

You start off in Aura Pond, which has 10 levels. And each level has a different layout, number of cards and level of difficulty.

When you finish Aura Pond, you unlock Bluebell Pond and a new Power-up! That power-up then can be used in all future levels or if you play in Random Mode.

Other Ponds include, Cloudy Pond, Ducktail Pond and Elysian Pond.
The last 2 may not be available right away though.

Frog Army Power-ups

Power-ups sell for 3 different prices. 5 for 10 Gems, 20 for 30 Gems or 100 for 100 Gems.

But hey, don't freak out when the game starts and the only power-up you have is "Undo last move"!
Because as we established before, to unlock a power-up, you must finish a Pond first!

Here are the first 2 power-ups. Horned Frog for unlocking Bluebell Pond and Spotted Frog for unlocking Cloudy Pond.

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