[Fringo News] Independence Day Cruise

When you board Fringo’s Independence Day Cruise, you can visit one of the most iconic symbols of the USA...while playing your favourite game. Available from June 9 - July 4!
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Independence Day Cruise Achievements
Earn all the new, ridiculously patriotic achievements Fringo have prepared for you to celebrate Independence Day in full American style!
Reward: 400,000 Coins and 15 Power-ups

Lady Liberty
Play 5 rounds in Independence Day Cruise
Livin' the dream
Get 1st place 5 times in Independence Day Cruise
Save it for tonight!
Daub a strawberry and a blueberry consecutively
Light up the skies!
Jump 10 places using a Fireworks power-up
Stars & Bars
Get paylines 7 and 4 first

Set'em free!
Use Fireworks power-up twice in the same round
First Triple Fringo in a round among all players
Land o' plenty
Daub all fruits in an Extra Fruits power-up
As American as...
Daub 3 apples at a time using a Fruit Family power-up
Born in the USA
Complete a full card in Independence Day Cruise 3 times
Area 51
Get 3 Double Fringos using an U.F.O power-up
Team USA!
Daub 4 consecutive fruits present in the conveyor belt

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