Introducing: Party Themes

Party Themes are a new feature scheduled for release on June 9.
Enabling a party theme changes the furniture and decorations for your room completely, but keeps your Suite's background. Which allows for dozen of different new looks for your Suite.
Each party theme also lets you buy unique Party Favour Charms, which aren't available anywhere else.
But enough with the talking! Lets see them in-game!

1. Red Carpet
  • Level 10 required!
  • Unique Charms in this room - Iced Vodka, Deluxe Parfait, Bag of Diamonds and Stretch Limo!

2. Girls Night Out
  • Level 15 required!
  • Unique Charms in this room - Jello Shot, Chocolate Fondue, Viktor's Secret and Chiseled!

3. Stag Party
  • Level 20 required!
  • Unique Charms in this room - Stag Liquor, Beer Keg, Moneymaker and Hooters!

4. Rock Star
  • Level 30 required!
  • Unique Charms in this room - Unicorn Head, Alien Probe, Tiger Mafia and Mysterious Briefcase!

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