[Fringo News] Summer BBQ Cruise

Mmmm, smell that barbecue!  Burgers, ribs or veggie dogs, it all smells like Summer! Grab an icy drink and some potato salad and pull up a lounge chair on deck for Fringo's Summer BBQ Cruise! Available for play from July 5 - August 31!
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Summer BBQ Cruise Achievements
Earn every exclusive achievement on the Summer BBQ Cruise and get rewarded with 400,000 Coins and 15 Power-ups!

BBQ season
Play 5 rounds in Summer BBQ Cruise
Kiss the cook
Get 1st place 5 times in Summer BBQ Cruise
Fruit skewer!
Daub 4 fruits in less than 3 seconds
First Mega Fringo in a round among all players
Backyard hero
Get 10 Fringos or more in a round 5 times
Full grill
Daub all fruits in a card

End last place in a round
Invite the neighbors!
Get 5 Fringos using an UFO power-up
Now you're cookin'!
Daub paylines 2, 8 & 14 first

Jump more than 10 places using a Triple reward power-up
Just in time!
Daub last fruit in the conveyor belt
Daub three limes using Fruit Family power-up

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