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VIP Charm: October 2014

Next month's VIP Charm is the Gorgon ! "I haven't really found a shampoo that works for me, yet.  Any recommendations?"

Halloween Clothing 2014

Something wicked this way comes ... it's YOU! In all-new Halloween Attire! Available September 29 - November 10. Gothic Courtier Set | Female | 25 mil. Gothic Courtier Set | Male | 25 mil. Upscale Undead Set | Female | 10 mil. Upscale Undead Set | Male | 10 mil. Wicked Webs Set | Female | 10 mil. Wicked Webs Set | Male | 10 mil. Web Witch Set | Female | 10 mil. WAIT! THAT'S NOT ALL! All sets from previous years will be returning as well! Dark Mage Set | Female | 9 mil. Dark Mage Set | Male | 9 mil. Mummy Bandage Set | Female | 6 mil. Mummy Bandage Set | Male | 6 mil. Vampire Hunter Set | Female | 35 mil. Vampire Hunter Set | Male | 35 mil. Pumpkin Queen/King Set | 25 mil. Miss Bones Set | Female | 25 mil. Mister Bones Set | Male | 25 mil. Dark Countess Set | Female | 35 mil. Dark Count Set  | Male | 35 mil.

Halloween Room & Halloween Charms

Host your Halloween parties in the much spookier Halloween Room, and gain access to old and all-new Halloween Charms! Halloween Charms Here are all the charms you can get in Halloween Room- 4 new and 4 old. Please remember that these are Party Favours! You can't revive them after you've used them. Mr. Bones "Knock, knock. What do you call a chicken that crosses the road? Sorry. . .I forget the rest." (He's missing a funny bone.) Black Recluse "People hire me to drop down in front of doorways to scare trick-or-treaters. Hey, it's a living." Tricky Treat Just one sip and you'll be shocked! (a diabetic shock) Creepy Cake A cake is actually a pretty clever place for a spider to build a web, if you think about it. Jackpot o' Lantern Trick or Treat. Smell my feet. Give me a bunch of coins so I can get back to the action. Grumpkin There are rumors that this pumpkin is haunted by the angry ghost of a slot player who wasn't smart enough to

Day of the Dead Slots

Celebrate life with the Day of the Dead ( Slots)! Available from level 17. Out on September 29 ! Day of the Dead Titles & Achievements Honor the Dead  - Play 10 spins of Day of the Dead Dead to the World  - Play 1,000 spins of Day of the Dead Wake the Dead  - Play 10,000 spins of Day of the Dead Drop-Dead Gorgeous  - Play 100,000 spins of Day of the Dead Numbskull  - Win 400,000+ Coins in a single spin of Day of the Dead Macabre  - Win 2,500,000+ Coins in a single spin of Day of the Dead Aztec Blood  - Win 12,500,000+ Coins in a single spin of Day of the Dead Celebrate Death!  - Play 100 spins of Day of the Dead in a row Kiss of Death  - Play 500 spins of Day of the Dead  in a row Dance with Death  - Play 2,500 spins of Day of the Dead in a row La Calavera  - Get a Blue Girl x3 (or more) payout in Day of the Dead El Mariachi  - Get a Green Girl x3 (or more) payout in Day of the Dead La Mariposa  - Get a Purple Girl x3 (or more) payout in Day of the Dead La Catrina  - Get a Red Gir

Wild Thing Set

Feel wild and free just one last time before Fall comes! In stores for a limited time, September 3 - 28! Wild Thing Set | Female | 2,5 mil. Wild Thing Set | Female | 2,5 mil.

New Clothing Sets - Feeling Fine & Pleasant Pool Side

2 new clothing sets are coming to Vegas World on September 3rd! Read More for a preview... Feeling Fine Set | Female | 2 mil. Feeling Fine Set | Male | 2 mil. Pleasant Poolside Set | Female | 8 mil. Pleasant Poolside Set | Male | 8 mil.