Sock Hop Room, Charms & Clothing

Enjoy some good, clean, old-school fun at level 50 in the all-new Sock Hop Party Room!
Access 4 new Charms, get a 50's hairdo and a Sock Hop Outfit.
Available on February 15!

Sock Hop Charms
These 4 NEW Charms are exclusive to Sock Hop Room.
As Party Favors, they can't be revived or upgraded.


What's better than having just ONE milkshake? Having TWO sports cars! . . . I mean milkshakes.

TV Dinner

Instructions: Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Place tray on center rack and cook for 40 minutes. While it's cooking, prepare and eat instant noodles.

Vintage TV

Yes, we said 1000 Gems. . .for a 22-inch picture! The first life-size television picture you have ever seen! This is the new super-powered marvel that is sweeping the nation.


Next time you are out for fun and refreshments, go where you can play this brilliant new VW Model 800 Jukebox. There you can listen to twenty-four of the top-ranking tunes of the day - sweet or swing, jazz or jive, rollicking polkas, catchy hill-billy ballads - they're all here!

Sock Hop Items
50's Hairdos and Poodle Skirts! What's not to love?

50's Dashing Hair & 50's Cute Hair | 400,000 Coins

Sockhop Set | 1.6 mil. Coins

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