Welcome to Cairo!

 Hello from Cairo!

7 Seas Casino - Welcome to Cairo!

For the next 10 days, wonder around this hot destination and discover all it has to offer:

  • Check out The Nile Shop for new outfits, hairstyles and accessories!
  • Pay a visit to the Mysterious Bazaar!
  • Solve the riddle of the Sphinx!
  • Attend or host a party in the Hypostyle Hall!
  • Feed the Sarcophagus for a special prize!
  • Get special Charms - available only in Cairo!
  • Play a game of Night On The Nile!
  • Most importantly - have fun!
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7 Seas Casino is the latest world created by the team behind Vegas World. With lots of games, destinations, challenges, mini-games, clothing, parties and more! Hop aboard for an adventure!

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