New 2024 Hairstyles

Exciting news for those looking for a fresh and new hair-do!
Lots of new hairstyles are hitting the Outfit Store next update on January 8, 2024!
We've got a preview for you all along with the prices right below!

New 2024 Hairstyles in Vegas World

Damien Hair - 80.000 Coins

Arnold Hair 1.2M Coins

Jimmy Hair 1.6M Coins

Curtis Hair 1.8M Coins

Bigtop Puff Hair 50.000 Coins

Isabelle Hair 2M Coins

Lovely Lisa Hair 5M Coins

Angellica Hair 1.4M Coins

Sparkle Night Hair 8M Coins

Twinkle Bright Hair 10M Coins

Hermes Hair 7M Coins

Jolyne Hair 10M Coins

Damien Hair - 80.000 Coins

Jolyne Hair 10M Coins

Bigtop Superstar Hair 14M Coins

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