February 2024 Clothing

Valentine's is just around the corner.
And we've got 7 lovely new outfit sets coming out next update on 02/05!
Also, lots of Valentines and Carnival sets from previous years are NOW back in stock!

February 2024 Outfits

Strapped in for Love Set - 1,200,000 Coins

Strapped in for Love Set - Female

Strapped in for Love Set - Male

Regal Ruffle Cutie Set - 50 Gems - VIP

Regal Ruffle Cutie Set - Female

Regal Ruffle Cutie Set - Male

Plaid n' Posh Set - 1,400,000 Coins

Plaid n' Posh Set - Female

Plaid n' Posh Set - Male

Sweetly Punk Set - 1,800,000 Coins

Sweetly Punk Set - Female

Sweetly Punk Set - Male

Delicate Butterfly Set - 5,000,000 Coins - VIP

Delicate Butterfly Set - Female

Delicate Butterfly Set - Male

Spring is Coming Set - 2,000,000 Coins

Spring is Coming Set - Female

Spring is Coming Set - Male

Last Snowfall Set - 1,600,00 Coins
Last Snowfall Set - Female

Last Snowfall Set - Male

Stunning Sparkle Dress - Female - 2,000,000 Coins - VIP

Stunning Sparkle Dress

Cupid Got You Headdress - Freebie

Cupid Got You Headdress - Freebie

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