March 2024 Hairstyles

7 new hairstyles are coming to the Shop next update!

Also, Melanie Hair and Sweetie Bob Hair from February update have gotten colour variatons - Available Now! And Sparkle Night Hair from January update will be getting colour variatons in the next update as well.

March 2024 Hairstyles

Big Clover Afro - 12.000.000 Coins

Big Clover Afro

Twin Bows Hair - 8.000.000 Coins

Twin Bows Hair

Aki Hair - 1.400.000 Coins

Aki Hair

Spiked n' Shaved Hair - 10.000.000 Coins

Spiked n' Shaved Hair

Wispy Waves Hair - 5.000.000 Coins

Wispy Waves Hair

Cinnamon Bob Hair - 1.800.000 Coins

Cinnamon Bob Hair

Sparkle Daytime Hair - 8.000.000 Coins

Sparkle Daytime Hair

Additional Colours

Sweetie Bob Hair - 1.800.000 Coins
Available in Shop now.

Sweetie Bob Hair

Melanie Hair - 1.600.000 Coins
Available in Shop now.

Melanie Hair

Sparkle Night Hair - 8.000.000 Coins
Available in Shop next update.

Sparkle Night Hair

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