April 2024 Hairstyles

We've got 6 new hairstyles coming to the Shop in April!

They'll be available in the Outfit Store after next update - that's next week!

April 2024 Hairstyles

Daniel Hair - 7,000,000 Coins

Daniel Hair

Suzuki Hair - 8,000,000 Coins

Suzuki Hair

Peach Hair - 9,000,000 Coins

Peach Hair

Kiwi Hair - 10,000,000 Coins

Kiwi Hair

Tied-up Bunny Ears Hair - 12,000,000 Coins

Tied-up Bunny Ears Hair

Tied-up Bunny Ears Hair

Fooled Ya! Hair - 16,000,000 Coins

Fooled Ya! Hair

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