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Fringo Update - What's New, Thanksgiving Cruise, Power-Up Prices

Pack up! It about time we went on a cruise. A Thanksgiving Cruise . Continue Reading to find out more ( Warning :  All of the content below is tentative and indefinite. What you see may not reflect what may eventually be released to the LIVE server. ) What's New in Fringo? To starts things off, Fringo will soon have its own What's New in Fringo? board to keep players updated on new features and special events. Thanksgiving Cruise On that same board, Fringo's first special event will also be featured. It's called Thanksgiving Cruise. To access it, all you have to do is click the Thanksgiving Cruise card in Fringo Lobby, which will bring up this window. Currently the bet is set at 25,000 coins and the event allows these power-ups - Single Dub, Fruit Family and Extra Fruits. It is entirely possible however, that these things change before the release. And don't mind the "9 Days Left" stamp, it will count down to 1st of December when released. Thanksgiving Cr

VIP Charm: November 2013

November's VIP Charm will be  Thingamabounce ! (What the heck is this thing? Don't ask me, I just write these Charm descriptions!)

Fringo Survey - Get 10 Gems Free!

Hey all! Vegas World put out a fun Fringo Survey yesterday, to understand what players like, not like and would like to see added to the game. The survey is quick, easy and even rewarding! First 1000 people to complete the survey will be given a coupon code for 10 gems at the end of it. You can then redeem it in your User Settings on Vegas World. Be quick!

Fringo Update - Profile, Achievements, Facebook App

As we mentioned before, Fringo will be receiving a couple of more changes, including a new Fringo Profile that will track player's statistics and lots of new Achievements to keep players busy. And as it appears, all of these changes and features have been added to help enchant the new and upcoming Fringo Facebook App , homepage of which we will also preview below. Continue Reading for more details The profile will be available for access in Lobby.  This is the Player Info tab This is the Achievements tab, featured above are General Achievements.   Each Island will have different achievements. Once you've completed all achievements for a specific island, you'll receive Coins and Power-Ups as a reward! This is the start page of the app. If you're already a member of Vegas World, click "Returning Member?" This is the log-in page of Fringo App. There are other changes that unfortunately we won't be previewing in this post. Including a new "Achievement Unl

New Game - Happy Hour Slots

Try your luck at Happy Hour and earn new titles such as Cougar and Dudebro. But don't get too wasted. Or do?! Achievements Buzzed - Play 10 spins of Happy Hour Slots Sloshed - Play 1,000 spins of Happy Hour Slots Plastered - Play 10,000 spins of Happy Hour Slots Wasted - Play 100,000 spins of Happy Hour Slots Teetotaler - Win 80,000 Coins or more in a single play of Happy Hour Slots Lush - Win 500,000 Coins or more in a single play of Happy Hour Slots Drunk as a Lord - Win 12,500,000 Coins or more in a single play of Happy Hour Slots Under The Table - Win 200,000 Coins or more in a single session of Happy Hour Slots Three Sheets to the Wind - Win 2,000,000 Coins or more in a single session of Happy Hour Slots Pray to the Porcelain God - Win 100,000,000 Coins or more in a single session of Happy Hour Slots Hobo - Get a Hobo x3 (or more) payout in Happy Hour Slots Cougar - Get a Cougar x3 (or more) payout in Happy Hour Slots Salaryman - Get a Salaryman x3 (or more) payout in Happ